A little over a year ago, I published my first book "Unlocking Your Destiny: Keys To Accessing God's Master Plan For Your Life."

The process of writing and self-publishing a book was more difficult than I had ever imagined. From being told that I had no business in writing a book to countless re-edits and revisions, I believe that the final product was something that God wanted people to not simply read, but experience. 

A year later, the book has sold over 1,000 copies and I couldn't be more grateful. God has used Unlocking Your Destiny in a powerful way to reach people, young and old, with the message of His glorious plan for their lives. 

And now - it's time to take it further. 

I am excited to announce that I will be re-releasing "Unlocking Your Destiny" as a new, updated and edited version through Xulon Press.

 Xulon Press is the largest and most experienced, Christian self-publishing company in the world and I am honored to be working with them in seeing this book go further than it already has! 

So what's going to be different? 

Although the message of the book will stay the same, I have been working hard to update, revise and the book to be targeted towards young-leaders. I am also adding a lot more content that includes stories, testimonies and Biblical truths. 

The biggest change will be a new book name and cover. It will not be named "Unlocking Your Destiny." 

So, here's the real question: WHY?

Let me just be honest for a second: whenever I see a re-release of a book, all I can think is... "I guess they didn't sell enough books and need to figure out a way to sell more." Exactly. That's precisely why I am re-releasing the book.

Let's set the record straight here: it's NOT about the money. 

The reality is, unless you're a major Christian author, you don't really get much money from book sales. With all of the expenses that go into it, you hardly enter into the black. So whats the purpose of trying to sell more? 

God challenged me a few months ago with something that made me see this project in a completely different light. I was in the middle of writing a pretty large check to give to my church and He interrupted me. He asked,

"Do you believe in yourself and the message I gave you as much as you believe in this organization you're giving so generously to? If so, why can't you invest in your ministry as well?"

I don't like self-promotion and I hate spending money on things for myself, but God brought me to the revelation that this book was never about me or promoting myself - it was about promoting the message God put inside me - and that's the wisest investment I know of! Because of that, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I am good soil and I believe in Unlocking Your Destiny with all my heart. 

I also know that those of you who have read the book believe in it's message as well. 
And as uncomfortable as this is for me...

I believe enough to ask you to partner with me in seeing this book reach more people by investing back into what originally invested in you. 

I heard it said one time that encountering God is like eating for two - you receive for yourself but you also receive for someone else. God never intended for us to be changed and transformed only for the sake of ourselves. We eat for two - we receive and we give so that others might receive as well. This is Christianity. 

So here's what I am going to ask you to do; 
If Unlocking Your Destiny has impacted you in any way: 


It is going to take a LOT of money (in the thousands) - much more than I needed to previously release the book - to get Unlocking Your Destiny further. This money will go towards a new cover, stringent editing, grammatical correction, marketing and publications. Anything you give will go directly towards the book project. You're investing in a life you may never see - you're eating for two. But I can assure you - this is good soil. 


If you've read Unlocking Your Destiny and it has impacted your life, please send me your story. I want to know about all that God has done through the book so I can compile testimonies to share. This is another way you can give back so that others might be encouraged as well. 

Thank you for believing with me that God is going to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask or think concerning this project. Thank you - those of you who have bought and read the book. 

If you'd like to purchase the book - you can do so by clicking the button below.

-Jared Ellis

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